special phillipine cuisine plus info how to reach puerto galera

special phillipine cuisine

lapo lapo: a fine taste fish, color orange, deep water fisch
tanigue, or bangus phillipine: national fish, oh it's delicies to eat

how to reach puerto galera

located 120 km south of manila, beautiful beaches,
especially small la laguna, a divers underwaters paradise

how to reach
take a taxi from the ninoy international airport
to ermita, malate and drop by the hotel sundower taxicar
with ticket from airport safe, one nigth hotel ca 1400 pesos

next morning boot and bus sy kat verry to puerto galera
included 350 pesos. 1 us dollar exchange rate 38 pesos.

hotel accept american express and every major credit cards.

for germans, if you drop downtoun puerto galera;
say hello to dr. fritz, restaurant bahay phillipino,
international and local cuisine, 6 free rooms avariable
a 250 pesos only one nigth accomodation.

also you can go swimm in hot spring and waterfalls just
20 minutes outside puerto galera with jeeppney 10 pesos only.