Oceania group 042, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philipines
my standby frequenzy is 20m Band 14.226.5MHz
or 15m Band 21.260.0Mhz
from 15.00 UTC till 01.00 UTC
via american bill benets family hour from 14.00 UTC

I'm glad to receive an e-mail or to meet you on air

good dx

73, from Zoltan

My email: dx1abc@yahoo.com

My mail address:

PO Box 36575, CP5203, Puerto Galera, Or. Mindoro, Philippines.

Qsl carts and letters to the PO Box via Air Mail.

My message for you:
TOURIST INFORMATION about Puerto Galera, Philippines

Me with my children

Jonas and Edita

Me with Jonas

first steps to be an amateur

Me with my friends


Photo Page 1...

Photo Page 2...

diving is fun
diver links puerto galera

1 www.asiadivers.com
2 www.elgalleon.com
3 www.cocobeach.com
4 www.llbc.com.ph
5 captngreggs.tripod.com
6 www.wetexpedition.de
7 www.actiondivers.com
8 pacificdivers.free.fr

73, god dive or swimm and qso dx ing from paradise from dr. zoltan blatter - dx1abc

my phone nummer 0063-918-728-72-04
24-h online.....................

my phone in switzerland 0041-79-224-70-87.

last update november 14, 2003